Hope Springs From Field

Hope Springs From Field is a grassroots-driven organization focused on Early Organizing and Voter Contact. Our volunteers canvass in over a dozen critical Swing States. We use our Issues Survey as a conversation tool with voters, register new voters, offer Voter/Election Protection (including organizing Voter Photo ID Days), and Get Out the Vote.

Our History

Hope Springs From Field was founded in November 2020 by former Obama alumni, as a "pop-up" PAC for the 2021 US Senate runoffs in Georgia. It evolved into a grassroots-driven effort at the request of students from two Historically Black Colleges and Universities who wanted to continue our efforts. Some of these “super volunteers” not only wanted to canvass but were eager to lead.

Between June 2021 and October 2022, we conducted 56 Voter ID Days in Georgia, and helped 18,748 voters get the photo ID cards they needed to vote. Of these, 13,168 voters turned out to vote in November 2022, who otherwise would have been turned away and denied their right to vote. In all, Hope Springs has organized 102 (free) Voter ID days, helping 27,870 voters get the required photo identification to vote. 25 of those were in North Carolina, helping 5,963 voters obtain their free ID. 88.6% of these voters were African-American and 59.2% were older than 60 years old. 64% of them were female.

Winning is utterly contagious.

In 2023, we were on the ground in 11 states, knocked on 6,296,605 doors, and spoke with 413,813 voters. We registered 9,748 new voters at their doors, and helped another 6,091 voters get their Voter Photo ID cards. We have received donations from all 50 states, and have monthly recurring contributions from 41 states.

We are in for the long game and we play to win. Whether you are only in for this year's elections, or for longer-term commitments, we want to hear from you.

Get Involved

Hope Springs volunteers employ a unique approach to voter contact — a voter-led discussion driven by our Issues Survey. We start by asking if they are registered to vote at their current address. If not, we offer to register them, generally through the state's voter registration website.

We ask if they are single issue voters, and, if so, what is their issue. We preface this with several questions about the issues that concern them right now. By the time we ask about being a single issue voter, they have had time to think about what other issues are critical to their vote.

We also ask if voters have concerns about the upcoming election. This question prompts all kinds of responses, especially among minority communities. It also quickly identifies each candidate's supporters. Some voters will complete Incident Reports as witnesses to prior election irregularities or mistreatment. This fits neatly with our mission to get out the vote and be sure that all of our votes count.

The 2024 elections have historic importance. Join us and help make history.

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